X’mas present for Norwegian Wood / ノルウェイの森へのクリスマスプレゼント

X’mas present for Norwegian Wood

K-Yゼリー 100g ローション

At the very least have a merry x’mas.

The movie was exquisitely shoot, composed acted. The scene where they walk back and forth in the tall grass of Kyoto therapy wearing pajamas was a tour de force. As for the story telling however, I felt it was difficult to relate to the feelings that characters were going through, mainly because there wasn’t sufficient explanation for the cause of the intense emotions they were feeling. It could have been a better movie had i read the novel, but thats a presumption a movie director and screenplay writer should not make. Even towards the very end I felt only very weak emotional attachment or any fascination with the characters, making a supposedly character driven movie a failure.