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X’mas present for Norwegian Wood / ノルウェイの森へのクリスマスプレゼント

X’mas present for Norwegian Wood

K-Yゼリー 100g ローション

At the very least have a merry x’mas.

The movie was exquisitely shoot, composed acted. The scene where they walk back and forth in the tall grass of Kyoto therapy wearing pajamas was a tour de force. As for the story telling however, I felt it was difficult to relate to the feelings that characters were going through, mainly because there wasn’t sufficient explanation for the cause of the intense emotions they were feeling. It could have been a better movie had i read the novel, but thats a presumption a movie director and screenplay writer should not make. Even towards the very end I felt only very weak emotional attachment or any fascination with the characters, making a supposedly character driven movie a failure.



I dig The Social Network

Yes i do,
and so does all reviewers except for a handful of technology writers,
so what are the charges lay upon this masterful film (according to Wikipedia)?

1. The film was an attack on new technologies and those responsible for them.
Really? i thought the movie as either was neutral on the value of technology or implicitly lauded its ability to change industries (music was the case in point), relay information (about the relationship status or result of rowing races) value by people.

2. Its describe young tech entrepreneurs as anti-social weirdos,
What? did the reviewer completely missed Sean Parker, who charms, parties and dates Victoria’s Secret models.
Even Zuckerberg had a girl friend, had sex in the film and a best friend who dished out $19,000 to support him.

3. Its anti-Geek.
nope. not really. I consider my self a nerd (a close kin of geeks) on the nerds vs jocks divide and i felt the movie accurately portray the bitterness that we hold towards jocks in our adolescence. And have these reviewer ever seen other works of Arron Sorkin (the script writer), namely The West Wing? That television series was an unapologetic glorification of nerds, its had dialogues so nerdy it had got to be written by one too.

4. its misogynistic
maybe, but there really wasn’t a substantial female character at all. It did strongly suggest that Zuckerbergs was a strongly motivated by his relationship with a girl. But really when is the opposite sex not a strong motivator in any thing we humans do? Ever read The Origin of Species or anything by Sigmund Freud? Procreation is the ultimate motivator.

5. Its was unfair on Zuckerberg
How? Zuckerberg in the movie had keen sense of what socializing was all about, he had vision (not going to the dull million, but the cool billion) and he was a genius.
I will bet my lunch money that Zuckerber has been getting more sex since this movie came out.

6. fail to point out the absurdity of the legal system.
no, the movie did point out the problem of trail by jury system.  In fact the movie had suggest that the lawsuit bought by the rowing twin’s is stupid. Larry Summers (the President of Harvard) completely dismissed it.

Did i watch the same movie as the negative reviewers? or did they see an earlier version of the movie? i dont know. but i found many of the criticism to be over the top.


I dig it. i dig it very much.


Toy Stories

toy story 3 poster

I have seen all three Toy Story. All three are critically very well received. Both the first and second film received 100% positive rating according to Rotten Tomato while the third installment got 99%. I, however could never find the story compelling, due to my lack of empathy for the characters. i mean, its hard to get a feel of what is a stake, when its about toys not getting played. so what. i suppose that is the most difficult thing about toy story trilogy, to building emotional connection between toys and audience.


Having said that the last scene in toy story 3 was brilliant. After been told repeatedly through out the trilogy how much Andy treasure his toys and how much Buzz, Woody and the crew likes being played, it was truly moving when they mutually decides to part. This scene capitalized on the all the emotion between Andy and the toys invested through out the trilogy. The audience (and I) are compelled by the scene because we are seeing Andy coming to terms with adulthood for the first time, an experience all adults have endured.

Toy Story 3 ★★★★

Kick-Ass Trilogy Plot… Imagined

Mark Miller the creator of the Kick-Ass comic hits the sequel is to be about bad kid reacting to super heros consequently becomes super villains and Hit-Girl try to lead a normal life. it will be a bit like A History of Violence meets A Clockwork Orange. Read about what Miller said here.

This is what i am guessing will happen in the Kick-Ass trilogy.

Hit-Girl(HG) trains Kick-Ass (KA)
HG teach KA “the code” to not use violence against the innocence, the code is a less rigid version of Dexter‘s code
Marcus tries to normalize HG’s life
HG pretends to be normal school girls.
HG develop further friendship with KA, Katie and other kids in school.
While living with Marcus, HG gain access to Police data network and begun searching for the perpetrator that framed Big Daddy with little success.
Red Mist (RM) stops coming to school to runs his dead fathers crime organization.
Super villain (SV) emerges and scourges over the neighborhood.
RM wants to avenge his dad.
RM direct Gigante to find HG and KA.
RM makes contact with SVs and provide material support.
RM uses SVs to draw out retired KA and HG.
RM did not reveal KA and HG’s true identity to SVs.
RM find out who KA and HG’s real identity and direct SVs to terrorize the school KA and HG’ goes to.
Katie was raped in front of Dave Lizewski by the super villains.
RM reveals to HG that her guardian Marcus Williams took part in framing Big Daddy.
Marcus Williams is deeply guilty and sacrificed himself to save HG and KS.
HG and KA without weapons was chase by SVs into hiding.
SVs continue to terrorized the neighborhood, killing many kids taunting HG and KS.
HG and KA goes to one of their safe houses and dust off their costume.
HG and KA fights SVs in school and kills them with the help of other school kids.
RM goes into hiding and gather his strength.
HG moves in with KA.
end of Kick-Ass2.

with new clues, HG begin to find out who was the perpetrator behind the framing of Big Daddy.
Wanting revenge HG disguise her self as a new SV and secretly starts killing the innocent love ones (many of them kids from the school) of perpetrators (many of them polices) and eventually the perpetrators themself
Before HG kills the perpetrators, she tortures to find out where RM is.
KA investigate seemingly unmotivated killing and later discover it was HG behind the killing and try to stop her.
With HG raising hell over the police station, crime grows.


Kick-Ass3 ends with death of many corrupt police and their innocent love ones by HG’s hand.
Lots of action with KA fighting of crime while Police station is parallelized by HG.
KA discover the motivation and connection behind the killing and start looking for RM thinking that how he can find HG.
As HG finds RM, and KA appears and try to convince her to stop.
HG kills RM then herself. .
KA realize that superhero is no fun and try to return to normal life
KA trilogy ends.

If KA series is to continue then the alternative ending is HG did not kill herself but when into hiding.