Who or what were they fucking?

I by some chances went back to this eyebrow raising data from last year, recently. Looking at the data a thought popped in to my mind. While pundits were focus on the narrative of iPhones consistently fucking more people than Blackberries and Androids, they missed one other subtle point of girls fucking more than boys across all three platforms. Naturally I asked, who are they fucking? Common sense dictates increase in female sex partners should correspondingly increases male sex partners (or a girl can’t fuck without a boy). If its not, then how could this be? In other words, if girls are not fucking boys than who or what were they fucking? Its a bit of a mystery really. A mystery, i suppose, can be explain by either one or combination of these following phenomenons:

  • There are more lesbians than gays, ie girls are fucking each other more so than boys.
  • There are more boys than girls, so that naturally the boys on average have less fuck buddies than girls.
  • girls relatively fucks more with people outside of this sampling group (people not using smart phone, sex while on oversees vacations, people outside of the age group, etc.).
  • Data is incorrect (skewed sampling, or respondents lying etc.).

Can you think of other possibilities that is not covered by the list above?

Anywayz, i Just wanted to share some interesting observation with a lot of fucks.

PS. here is another graph by ages: