The West need Liberalism to Survive

Since 1945, the strategy of the West has been to shape the world in its own liberal ideals, institutions, and culture. It has spread fantastically. Liberal perspectives, democratic governance, American jeans, peace, and prosperity are everywhere except for places where other ideas are entrenched.

But it’s not all altruism that made the West promote liberalism, it’s also strategic. Statesman of the West knows only the acceptance of liberalism by rising powers of the rest of world can save the West from their future tyranny.

It is with this in mind I am baffled by the rise of ethnonationalism in the West. Do they not know, their ideology if adopted by the “color” may result in the subjugation of the West by the rising “color” in the future. In a few decades, China, India, Indonesia, and Brazil will be 4 of the 5 most powerful economies in the world. What kind of conversation do you want to hear on their TV? Liberal cosmopolitanism or ethnonationalism?

How the world will look like in 2050 

Crumbling Post-Cold War World Order

Not trying to be an alarmist, but like the bricks in Hillary’s blue wall, building blocks of the post-cold war world order are crumbling at a terrifying speed

Block 1: no great power expansionism, Russia annexed Crimea.

Block 2: US network of trusted allies, Philippine’s Duterte and Turkey’s Erdogan are pretty shaky.

Block 3: EU as a vision for global political progress towards permanent peace, not going too well.

Block 4: US global leadership, they just elected an isolationist.

Block 5: liberal democracy is the best form of government, democracies everywhere are electing populist autocrats and or idiots

what else did I miss?

Biggest Fear: End of US Hegemony

I feared like never before that Trump’s isolationism and protectionism will end US hegemony prematurely with no one to fill the vacuum. Contender for the world leadership all have their own problems. EU have their own potentially fracturing populism to deal with. China’s economy could be hard landing right now. UN is weak as fuck. How bad can it get? the last hegemon’s reign (Britain) ended in the early 1900s, with two world wars and a great depression. Do we have the political will to avoid potentially existential disaster?

This is what my master thesis was based on. US hegemony is momentary. We all knew someone with a somewhat isolationist view on foreign policy will be elected in the next couple decades, but I didn’t think it would be Trump, or in this election.