Transcendent Man, a quick review

Its a layman’s overview of Ray Kurzweil’s view of future in addition to hyping and mystifying Ray Kurzweil the man. I am a little bit disappointed in that there isn’t enough intellectual debate over Ray’s ideas and too much questioning of Ray’s motives/character and too many unqualified objection to Ray’s ideas.

Transcendent Man is still very worth watching.

Michael Slaby on The Values of Technology

From Harvard law blog MediaBerkman

Michael Slaby on The Values of Technology

The power of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign was not just the technology itself, but in the values that drove the creativity and use of the technology.

Michael Slaby – Deputy Director of New Media then Chief Technology Officer for Obama for America (now Chief Technology Strategist for TomorrowVentures) – discusses the technology and tactics that made the Obama campaign the most technology-savvy presidential campaign in history.

Direct link to the talk here. If the link dont work, try this one.

I have just got to say, there are so many lesson in that short 70mins talk for not only on using the new media for political movement but also branding/public relation strategy.

Best talk i have heard on the subject by far.