Happiness guaranteed

Harvard super-psychologist Dan Gilbert explains happiness in a Technology Entertainment Design (TED) presentation. If you are not interested in my editorial just scroll straight down to watch the video.

The most general definition of unhappiness and not-happiness i can think of is simple not liking the current state of affairs. and yes, unhappiness and lack of happiness are two slightly different things. A person who just lost an arm will be very unhappy, but having an arm does not make a person happy, it will just make that person not unhappy. An average American who just won 10 million dollar will be very happy but not winning anything at all will not make that person unhappy it will just make that person not happy. Let me clarify this a little.

The state of not unhappy and not happy are basically the same, it is the state one feel entitle too.

this is a simple graph.


sense of entitlement, not unhappy, not happy or neutral


Now that we establish the happiness model, lest get back to the question of how be not-unhappy or happy. The cause of both unhappiness and not-happiness is while being in one state of affair desire to be in another state of affair. Simply put, not liking the state of affair is just not liking the way things are going one now. There is two general strategy of getting out of this current state of affair that one don’t like, one external strategy and one internal strategy.

1. The external strategy is to change whatever external factor that you don’t like about the current state of affair, eg, television is broken, fix it. Don’t have a girl friend, find one. You boss is a dick, quit. This may not be simple because external environment are not always simple to change and the ability to do so is unequal amount all people. A rich and powerful person can much easier change ones environment, but a poor and powerless person really don’t do much about it, external strategy is limited to some if not most.

2. The internal strategy is the one most people neglect, to solve any and all of lifes problem is to not thing that a problem is a problem. The current state of affair is only a cause of unhappiness and not-happiness when you don’t like it. If one like any circumstances they are in, there is no way they can be unhappy or not-happy. This is strategy is available to all, unlike the external strategy. However this strategy sounds like a psychologically daunting task, I mean if i have to work 15 hours a day to just make enough money to buy a loaf of bread, how can i make my self happy? I cant, lifes too difficult. or one may think.

Harvard super-psychologist Dan Gilbert argues that human mind are naturally equipped with an immune system to unhappiness and not-happiness check out the video down below.

Here is some of questions this theory of happiness raise.

1. Suicides, if we are immune to unhappiness and not-happiness why are there still people taking their own like presumably because of it?

2. consequence, if this line of thinking took off, are we all going to be monks, our economy will stall for better or worst.

3. If the pursued of happiness is an illusion, then what about the pursued of survive? Happiness and survival are interlinked, we do what we think will make us happy because what make us happy will lead us to survival. Is the pursued of survival also an illusion?

4. Any product placement after this zen-monk sessions looked useless. BWM trying to tell us that we will feel happier if we buy one of its cars, after we been told that the pursued of happiness is an illusion, how ironical.

5. Why do some people feel happier then others? and citizen of countries feel happier then citizens of other countries? Check out the World Happiness Rankings and Happy Math (Foreign Policy subscription required)

p.s. I am not really happy with this post, its too long and something important is missing i just cant figure out what it is. I will update it when i do

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Disinformation by a member of DPP (民進党)

On Tuesday, January 2007, Chou Yung-Hang (周永鴻) who is the deputy director of the Democratic Progressive Party‘s department of youth development published an opinion piece titled “Opposition obstructs democracy” in Taipei Times (publish by Liberty Times group/自由時報). Chou Yung-Hang blame the opposition parties for Taiwan being label as a “flawed democracy” by the Economist Intelligence Unit‘s Index of Democracy. His evidence of this was Taiwan scored particularly low in the “[democratic] political culture” category of the Index because the pan-blue camp (Kuomintang (KMT or 國民黨) and its collaborators) opposition parties. he wrote

“The EIU has adopted a simple and direct definition of political culture: “A successful democratic political culture means that the losing parties and their supporters accept the judgment of the voters and allow for the peaceful transfer of power.””

after establishing what constitute sound democratic political culture Chou Yung-Hang moves in to smear the opposition,

“Judging by this simple definition, we can easily see that the KMT’s obstructionism — be it in the legislature or the streets, in Taiwan or in China — is the manifestation of a party unwilling to accept the fact that the DPP is in power.”

Is he trying to imply that opposition parties criticizing the government in the legislative is undemocratic? or protesting in street demonstrations against the government are undemocratic? This kind of disinformation is specially cynical when the president’s family is indited for embezzlement and somehow we should not be criticizing…

Moving on to problems with his use of Index of Democracy.

First in his quote, ht mistakenly wrote use the word “means” which was really “implies” in source he cited. At best this is sloppiness on his part and on the editor of Taipei Times’s opinion editor who should have prove read this article. To some people this is nothing to cry about, but professional journalist should know the difference between the two words.

Second, He fail to report that the definition he cited is misleading, considering the the model questions used by EIU to determine democratic political culture might have very little to do with oppositions attitude towards transfer of power.

here are all eight questions in the model used to determine democratic political culture

(Question 36 is the first of the questions under democratic political culture)

36. Is there a sufficient degree of societal consensus and cohesion to underpin a stable, functioning democracy?

37. Perceptions of leadership; proportion of the population that desires a strong leader who bypasses parliament and elections.

38. Perceptions of military rule; proportion of the population that would prefer military.

39. Perceptions of rule by experts or technocratic government; proportion of the population that would prefer rule by experts or technocrats.

40. Perception of democracy and public order; proportion of the population that believes that democracies are not good at maintaining public order.

41. Perception of democracy and the economic system; proportion of the population that believes that democracy benefits
economic performance.

42. Degree of popular support for democracy.

43. There is a strong tradition of the separation of church and state.

As the reader can see “transfer of power” is not explicitly mention in democratic political culture session of the model, but it did appeared in the “Electoral process and pluralism” session as cited below,

8. Following elections, are the constitutional mechanisms for the orderly transfer of power from one government to another clear, established and accepted?

This report is at best sloppy, at best dishonest partisan propaganda design to smear governments critics, exactly the kind of things that undermine Taiwan’s democratic political culture. Both Chou Yung-Hong and Taipei Times’s opinion editor should be shameful for publishing this class A disinformation.


I remember an comedian once said, “I am not comfortable being between laugher for too long” or something like that. Like a comedian i am not too comfortable to go on too long in a blog without images, video or stills. This is because i believe compare to words, motion and still images engage and attracts readers very differently, cognitive speaking. It draws more attention from the unconscious level of our mind. Unlike word that take time to decode and interpret, images are straight, sharp and hits your mind with lots of feeling very quickly. Thats how our brain works, the superficial almost always provoke emotions quicker then words. one can argue maybe thats why erotic material sells better in forms of video and still images then in novels.

ok, done with words lets stir up some feelings with some pictures taken with a Lomo camera.

This image is taken from Lomicus Dorkus, is a picture of a Lotus Lake, in the northern section of Kaohsiung where i use to live as a child before my parent got divorced. This image is captured using a Lomo Fisheye.

I am not a photographic expert but i used to own a Lomo camera (lost it before i could produce anything, damn it) and from the lomo pictures that i have seen, Lomo camera captured images are unique for their very vivid colors, shadows, hight sensitive to light and a sense of motion.

Just look at the color!! this photo is taken by photosapience

demonstration of shadow by KezzyKez

Light sensitivity and motion, this is the work of natemeg2006

And a Lomo camera looks like this
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This is the official Lomography site, i think

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サダム・フセインと東京裁判 投稿者: 暢明










☆A nuanced look at Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal’s impact on Japan’s society and popular culture, a must read for the interested. 東京裁判の社会影響について
Goodbye Godzilla, Hello Kitty, Norihito Kato(加藤典洋)、この文の日本版があるならお勧めします。

☆Questioning the legal validity and capacity of the trial.
Failed Justice in Iraq: The Trial of Saddam Hussein, John Pace

犬様白、ノットボークとわたくし.White the dog, laptop and me

Introducing my mums dog, she calls him “White”, i wonder where she got the inspiration for the name from…

White is a very angry dog, i remember him took a bite on my hand the first time we met…
not a very good first impression, and obviously i did not feel welcome…
This is because White is a very insecure dog, he has been abandon and given away by it owner* for many times.
My mum is his third or forth owner…i feel for you White, oh yes i do.

This is my one year old Asus M6 laptop and me thinking if i don’t have anything to write why don’t i just put up some pictures.
これは僕のAsus M6ノットボーク(1歳)と書くもの無かったら写真を載せちゃえばを考えてる僕です。

*I was a bit hesitate to use the word “owner” to describe White’s relationship with his keeper, it sounds uncivilized and insensitive as if pet were slaves….as if killing them for food were bad…I had Thai curry chicken for dinner tonight.

Review on the incoherent “America: Freedom to Fascism”

America: Freedom to Fascism” a documentary by Arron Russo is about political elites’ manipulation of the public. The film addresses numerous important issues, but ultimately wrap together incoherently unable to deliver a clear overarching picture. Kind of reminded me of essays that I wrote the night before the due date. Its really bad, its amatureish, its so bad i felt asleep three times watching it.

The film used almost half of the film trying to establish that America don’t have a statuary law that require Americans to pay federal income tax, and it did so by showing different people saying the same thing and arguing the same point. Ok, i get it, move on, tell me why this is a problem. I mean having no statuary law against an act doesn’t always make that act alright. Murder is still wrong even if there is no law against it. The film showed many case of people convicted for not paying for federal tax, those precedence makes it a law under the common law logic until they are overturned. In fact, before the film ever made clear on the Five Ws(Who, What, When, Where, Why and hoW), it moves to attack the Federal Reserve Bank.

It argues, Federal Reserve Bank is evil organization on the lose with the ability to print money, while acknowledging that elected government appoints its Board of Governors of Federal Reserve. It argues, the government, Federal Reserve Bank and credit companies manipulate the public into borrowing so some how it can enslave the public and make money that way. this obviously contradict the point about federals banks ability to print money. why steal when you can just print it your self.

this flow of incoherent theories just goes on and on. the film move from the federal bank, to credit companies leaders, to miss treatment of citizens by national guards in New Orleans, to lost of privacy by the possibility of implanted identification system, to scandals over fixing elections and vulnerability of electronic voting machines, to arguing American is fighting in Iraq because of federal bank it to, ended with a conspiracy to create a world government.

This documentary is a mess, its trying to tell a story with too many pieces of puzzles not able to fit together to create a picture, either because those puzzles where not from the same picture, or too many pieces are missing or both. The likely scenarios is both in this film. To make sense of all these points that its making and why were they all to put into a single documentary more answers is needed. Who are the conspirators behind this? Why are they doing this and for what purpose?

A documentary don’t really have to give answers to be great, Micheal Moores’ Bowling For Columbine did not give out an answer, but it lead the audience towards an answer by testing a series of hypothesis in a coherent way.

Having been very critical, many individual issues in the film are worthy of the attention of the public. Are the conduct of the Internal Revenue Service action appropriate? Is the American government providing sufficient oversight into the workings of federal bank, Are our house whole debt too high? and is the integrity of our voting system undermined?

These are important questions, the film offer no convincing answers but it server the public by raising awareness. and its free on google video and i guess its worth watching.

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Why We Fight (google video), Eugene Jarecki

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☆The use of fear by neoconservatives and al queda to manipulate the public
The Power of Nightmares, All four episodes on google video

I found out about this documentary on The Documentary Blog
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彼女のブログ始まった.She started her blog

She has finally started her new blog, thats Hayaokiko(relation: girl friend) who i wrote about in an previously post has finally made up her mind about what she is going to write. Her blog name 菜食健美, literally means ingredient, eat, health and beauty is going to be about those things in the title, lol. Her latest post is about a tomato dessert, its in Japanese. For those of you who cant read Japans i hope she start writing some English posts, i am doing what i can to encourage her to do so. Here is her link to her self introduction, also in Japaneses.

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