I am a HR consultant at HRnetOne – a Asia based boutique retained HR consulting firm. I have done works for Global Fortune 500 clients as well as technology startups in the chemical & material sector.

Growing up, I lived the first 12 year of my life in Taiwan, the second 14 years in Australia with an intervening year in Japan as an university exchange student at the Shimonoseki City University. I was a PhD candidate for 3 years researching Taiwanese and Japanese political economy at University of Queensland, which i dont intend to complete. Prior to that I earned a Master of International Relations and Asian Politics from the same university and Bachelors of International Business from Griffith University. During my graduate studies, I interned for a member of Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan.

After my education, I served my compulsory one year military service in Taiwan from 2007-2008. I then worked in Taipei for Kyocera Asia Pacific (a subsidiary of Kyocera Corporation) as a Sales Engineer from 2008-2010. During that time, I managed around 10 client accounts, including Kyocera Asia Pacific’s highest revenue generating client. My portfolio was worth around US$2,000,000 in monthly revenue. I quit Kyocera in the May 2010, and the rest is history.

This is my resume, and on Linkedin.

My interests are in politics, international affairs, economics, business, technology, philosophy and a wide variety of topics.

I blog to structure my reading, refine my thoughts and hope for feedbacks.
These are some of my better posts.

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Note: I previously blogged on Global Standard and Iro-Iro.

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