War is over, Wikileaks Won

Wikileaks has accomplished their most important objective: to firmly established it self as a credible and safe destination for leaks and an uncensorable and responsible journalist organization. It is unforeseeable that anything can be done to undermine what they achieve at this point.

To this date, everything have turn out in favor of Wikileaks:

-They have published major news worthy leaks, with only 1200 of 250,000 cable released.
Dedicated cable revelation Page on Foreign Policy.

-They generate lots of attention
Assange tops Time’s Person of the year poll with almost 60% more votes than the second place Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the with the highest rating of 92, ahead of second highest rated (Stewart and Colbert) by 10 points. This is quite remarkable consider that Stewart previously top Time’s other poll “America’s most trusted newscaster”. Also check Google trend.

-No (evident of) harm to innocent have resulted from their leaks (link).

-No whistleblower was exposed by Wikileaks (Manning exposed him self).

-Wikileaks proves that they are uncensorable with more than 1500 mirrors of Wikileaks and increasing.
A visualization of the speed of the increase in the first few day of mirror data release.

-Legal prosecution case against Wikileaks is both extremely difficult and will set an extremely dangerous precedent.

-Support for Wikileaks is piling on
Brazil President Lula
Daniel Ellsberg and a list of formal intelligence agents
Ron Paul Republican Congressperson.
Frank la rue – UN rapporteur for freedom of opinion and expression
Navi Pillay – The High Commissioner for Human Rights UN,
Rally and demonstrations in many developed countries.
Even demonstration in Pakistan.
Growing petition to stop the crackdown on Wikileaks.
The Russians (opportunistic trolls, lol)

-Inspire emulation.

-The establishment (Government, politicians and corporations) seal the deal for Wikileaks by attacking Wikileaks with disregard for law and due process (more here), acting like the untrustworthily power abusing thugs like Wikileaks describe them to be further justify Wikileaks action and place in our society.

All in all, even if Julian Assange is somehow found guilty on the rape charge (highly unlikely), Wikileaks will return to its fully functioning state, stronger, more credible, more legitimate and probably more donations, once the dust settles. There will be more inspired whistleblowers and other sites who try to emulate Wikileaks success. In the first twenty-first century war against tyranny, Wikileaks prevailed, and we won. Special thanks for Glenn Greenwald who was an very early supporter of Wikileaks, the people at WL Central for putting together a excellent information site in very short time frame, and everyone who care enough to actually dig through all the propaganda and find the truth.

On why this victory is so important.


Ron Paul on Eliot Spitzer and state power

From The Crypt,

Here’s the statement Paul made on the House floor

“Madam Speaker, it has been said that ‘he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword.’ And in the case of Eliot Spitzer, this couldn’t be more true. In his case it’s the political sword, as his enemies rejoice in his downfall. Most people, it seems, believe he got exactly what he deserved.

“The illegal tools of the state brought Spitzer down, but think of all the harm done by Spitzer in using the same tools against so many other innocent people. He practiced what could be termed ‘economic McCarthyism,’ using illegitimate government power to build his political career on the ruined lives of others.

“No matter how morally justified his comeuppance may be, his downfall demonstrates the worst of our society. The possibility of uncovering personal moral wrongdoing is never a justification for the government to spy on our every move and to participate in sting operations.

“For government to entice a citizen to break a law with a sting operation — that is, engaging in activities that a private citizen is prohibited by law from doing — is unconscionable and should clearly be illegal.

“Though Spitzer used the same tools to destroy individuals charged with economic crimes that ended up being used against him, gloating over his downfall should not divert our attention from the fact that the government spying on American citizens is unworthy of a country claiming respect for liberty and the Fourth Amendment.

“Two wrongs do not make a right. Two wrongs make it doubly wrong.

“Sacrifice of our personal privacy has been ongoing for decades but has rapidly accelerated since 9/11. Before 9/11, the unstated goal of collecting revenue was the real reason for the erosion of our financial privacy. When 19 suicidal maniacs attacked us on 9/11, our country became convinced that further sacrifice of personal and financial privacy was required for our security.

“The driving force behind this ongoing sacrifice of our privacy has been fear and the emotional effect of war rhetoric — war on drugs, war against terrorism and the war against Third World nations in the Middle East who are claimed to be the equivalent to Hitler and Nazi Germany.

“But the real reason for all this surveillance is to build the power of the state. It arises from a virulent dislike of free people running their own lives and spending their own money. Statists always demand control of the people and their money.

“Recently we’ve been told that this increase in the already intolerable invasion of our privacy was justified because the purpose was to apprehend terrorists. We were told that the massive amounts of information being collected on Americans would only be used to root out terrorists. But as we can see today, this monitoring of private activities can also be used for political reasons. We should always be concerned when the government accumulates information on innocent citizens.

“Spitzer was brought down because he legally withdrew cash from a bank — not because he committed a crime. This should prompt us to reassess and hopefully reverse this trend of pervasive government intrusion in our private lives.

“We need no more Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act! No more Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Acts! No more torture! No more Military Commissions Act! No more secret prisons and extraordinary rendition! No more abuse of habeas corpus! No more Patriot Acts!

“What we need is more government transparency and more privacy for the individual!”

With Pual’s growing stature, I hope more libertarian views are voiced in the public.