I dig The Social Network

Yes i do,
and so does all reviewers except for a handful of technology writers,
so what are the charges lay upon this masterful film (according to Wikipedia)?

1. The film was an attack on new technologies and those responsible for them.
Really? i thought the movie as either was neutral on the value of technology or implicitly lauded its ability to change industries (music was the case in point), relay information (about the relationship status or result of rowing races) value by people.

2. Its describe young tech entrepreneurs as anti-social weirdos,
What? did the reviewer completely missed Sean Parker, who charms, parties and dates Victoria’s Secret models.
Even Zuckerberg had a girl friend, had sex in the film and a best friend who dished out $19,000 to support him.

3. Its anti-Geek.
nope. not really. I consider my self a nerd (a close kin of geeks) on the nerds vs jocks divide and i felt the movie accurately portray the bitterness that we hold towards jocks in our adolescence. And have these reviewer ever seen other works of Arron Sorkin (the script writer), namely The West Wing? That television series was an unapologetic glorification of nerds, its had dialogues so nerdy it had got to be written by one too.

4. its misogynistic
maybe, but there really wasn’t a substantial female character at all. It did strongly suggest that Zuckerbergs was a strongly motivated by his relationship with a girl. But really when is the opposite sex not a strong motivator in any thing we humans do? Ever read The Origin of Species or anything by Sigmund Freud? Procreation is the ultimate motivator.

5. Its was unfair on Zuckerberg
How? Zuckerberg in the movie had keen sense of what socializing was all about, he had vision (not going to the dull million, but the cool billion) and he was a genius.
I will bet my lunch money that Zuckerber has been getting more sex since this movie came out.

6. fail to point out the absurdity of the legal system.
no, the movie did point out the problem of trail by jury system.  In fact the movie had suggest that the lawsuit bought by the rowing twin’s is stupid. Larry Summers (the President of Harvard) completely dismissed it.

Did i watch the same movie as the negative reviewers? or did they see an earlier version of the movie? i dont know. but i found many of the criticism to be over the top.


I dig it. i dig it very much.



HTC Desire: the good and the bad.

Just bought an HTC Desire and these are what i think are good and bad about it.
I am comparing my experience with Desire against my over 1 year of iPod Touch use.
My conclusion is Desire is probably the best phone i can buy right now.

The Good
-Open source – which means Steven Jobs is not going dictate how you use the phone.
-much better control over just about every aspect of the phone (connectivity, GPS on/off, etc).
-Better customization options
-Allow easy access to your phone’s storage via you computer.
-Unified notification under one bar.
-Better App install process – it acually tells you what area will the app have control over.
-Faster Wifi
-better automatic typo correction
-Faster web browser
-Support Flash
-Better Google service integration – means much better Google apps
-Better setup at initial use.
-Physical keys means more screen space for content.
-Widgets that let you do lot of things leaving a home screen.
-Good HTC customer service.
-Small in size when compare to iPhone
-Bigger screen.
-Home screen leaping.

The bad.
-Not ergonomic when typing under landscape mode (asymmetric along the horizontal axis)
-Poor multi-linguol input support.
-Except for Google Apps, almost all Android feels inferior to iPhone
-inferior cut and paste function
-No obvious ways to shut off apps
-Moving typing target not as good.

In conclusion, Desire still need some minor adjustments, but overall its probably the best phone for me.

Favorite films of 2009

Top 6 films of 2009 (because i cant make up my mind on top 5)

My best cinematic experience in recent memory. I was critical of James Cameron’s previous work because i felt that it was simply the result of lots money thrown into making a genre typical movie, and a genre with proposition that i do not like, namely dating a young handsome guy is romantic and older rich guy is cynical. Avatar is similar in a way that its also lots of money thrown into a familiar story, but the world Cameron envision is so attractive and his means of delivering his envision so immersive, i helplessly felt in love with it.
There are weakness in Avatar. The culture of the human race was unconvincing. Human that live long enough to develop the advanced technology to reach Pandora would not behave in such crude belligerent manner. I understand the  anti military privatization/resource imperialism message that Cameron want to use to help people relate, but i selfishly hope that those problem no long plague human civilization in 2154. Other weakness are insignificant enough to warrant a mention here.

District 9
I felt like District 9 is Avatar’s more brutal more mature but cheaper made sibling. With similar human abusing alien then found humanity in aliens theme but far more powerful than Avatar in its ability to force us into repentance about our action towards each other (racism) and towards other species (speciesism), both individually and collectively.

What a heart warmer, tear jerker of a movie is Up. I absolutely adores it. the screen play is efficient, character are lovable, and montage are insanely effective. There is something about delivering simple emotions through animated characters thats is very effective (counter intuitive, i know). Its probably because the cast is as good as the animator can make it (unlike with human actors, where you have to scout for someone with the closest resemblance and settle on less than perfect) and; there is no preexist impression on any of the cast to interfer with effective performance, because they there are completely new. Animated characters will probably have problem with coveting nuanced or ambiguous emotions. *spoiler alert* only complaint i have is the scene where Muntz got stuck on too few balloons, suggesting death is either contradicting the nature of the story, or ineffectively executed if the director is meant to show that Muntz got drop off the house safely.

Inglourious Basterds

If terrorism, suicide bombing and inhuman treatment is ever justified, its when used against Hitler’s Nazi. In my book this movie made the best case for aforementioned acts. Quentin Tarentino did it with great dialog, character and pace. Best supporting actor of the year belongs to Christoph Waltz (A.K.A Col. Hans Landa) for its gripping performance in English, German, Italian and French.

The Hurt Locker
Gripping, heart wrenching, unpredictable, surprise use of actors and i cant remember the last time i was kept at the edge of my sit like the way this movie does it in recent memory.

500 days of summer
Innovative screenplay on the ageless theme of ordinary boy meets Indie dream girl. I really liked its play on cynicism vs. faith-in-true-love.

Honorable mention
Synecdoche, New York – Glorious, ambitious and original piece of art, but too hard on the audience perhaps.

Let the Right One In – Original melodramatic take on the vampire genre.

This is it – Intimate insight into the creative process of an genius, however limited by the death of its main character.

In the loop – Witty hit job on the bureaucrats in the 10 Downing st and White House.

Ponyo – Sweet and imaginative fairy tale, I heart it.

Infuriating Movies
The September issue – Vogue infomercial / Anna Wintour cult worshiping that i got scam into watching. The possibility that some reviewer rated this movie favorably to get on Wintours/vogues good side disgusts me. This documentary needs to show more intimate insights like This Is It. A total waste of an good premise.

Red Cliff 1&2 – Inadequate character/background building, unconvincing depiction of originals battle wits, alter the original story for the worse and crappy acting. John Woo successfully turned a Chinese classic into a mindless action flick.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona
– last years movie i saw this year. arch-typical character and story annoys me so much i wrote this in response.

Blood: The Last Vampire – Shitty even if its reviewed as an genre film.

Twilight: New Moon – No one consequential in the making of this movie took their job seriously. I mean no filme makers serious attempt can be this bad.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona got to me.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona is a film made of gorgeous looking people, shot at charming Spanish country. Scarlett Johansson playing Cristina was convincing as the experimenting artist that helps to sooths the volatile relationship between Juan Antonio Gonzalo (Javier Bardem) and Maria Elena (Penélope Cruz). Speaking of Penelope, she truly shined. She jumps you and grab your attention whenever she was on screen. She played that artistic, passionate but emotionally volatile character flawlessly. I specially liked the way she reacted when Scarlett told them that she is leaving them. I didnt want to see it but now i am going to have to watch her raved movie – Volver.

so did i like this movie, no!! fuck this movie. one charming Penélope is not going to make up for the stereotypical   character and narrative surrounding the two main characters that are Vicky (Rebecca Hall who play her poorly) and Cristina. The opening scene when the narrator introduce Vicky as the uptight girl and Cristina as the soul searching girl  really made me want to walk out of the theater (metaphorically speaking of course, i saw the film on a laptop sitting on a bullet train). I restrained my self and continue watching because the movie’s high Rotten Tomato rating (82%) gave me hope. the movie never got better.

What annoys me to no end is that although this movie is slightly better than usual soup drama, it still doesn’t stray from the mainstream pop culture’s track record of glorifying the “bohemian” lifestyle while trashing the “conventional” lifestyle. The glamorous Juan-Maria-Scarlett trio and their cliche romanticism, pseudo sophistication and pretentious aestheticism is of course the commonly defined “Bohemian” life style”. The dull Vicky and Doug has to represent the boring “conventional” lifestyle. The bohemian guy is of course play by the stud Javier Bardem who has treesomes with Scarlett and Penélope and looks like this:
While the conventional guy has a fiancée who cheated on him with the bohemian guy and looks like a suit with ascending hair line that looks like this:
can it be more obvious?

Now after watching this movie and thousands of pop culture material like it, all the coming-of-age girls is going to go romance a bohemian guy only to later find out it really just is an act to get laid. and all the coming-of-age boys are going to act like a pseudo painter-poet-musician-artist to laid as many time as possible before their cover is blown.


to the boys, fact: You can be a major nerd like Malcolm Gladwell or Larry Page and get laid.
to the girls, dont let other define romance for you, thats bull shit. you should define romanticism for your self.
and to the entertainment industry, stop trying to define what is romantic or what is a good lifestyle to us and make films with more originality and less cliche. please.