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The Social Network, movie of the year and reflecting on the last decade
I underestimated 9/11
Niall Ferguson on the decline of American empire
Response to “The Fundamental Gap between Conservatism and Liberalism”
What fundamentally divides Liberal and Conservative?
The Keynesian Proposition
Geography and the American Empire

China & Taiwan
Thoughts on China’s Political Development
China, India and their culture of Hope
Chimerica 2.0 – the most important relationship in the world
Why is Taiwan so in love with Japan?
Don’t make the same mistake with China
China should be spending like a Keynesian
Why is Taiwan so desperate to get into the United Nations? ☆

Strategies to Approach Google’s Social Service Challenge
An idea for Google: Google Hike!
Potential applications for Digital Video Analysis and a decentralised business strategy to develop it
HTC Desire: the good and the bad.
On Google’s proposed wireless non-neutrality proposal
Google’s destructive innovation: world’s largest content searchable digital library
Internet as a nursery for extreme views
Why Google spends so much on people

What Wikileaks means
No, supporting Wikileaks will not hurt your career
War is over, Wikileaks Won
Defending Wikileaks: if its not perfect, dont do it
Defending Wikileaks: Its a slippery slope
Defending Wikileaks: There is nothing New
Defending Wikileaks: Government need secrets.
Defending Wikileaks: Assange abuse non-uniformity of jurisdictions.
Defending Wikileaks: Assange is an anti-American operative
Defending Wikileaks: leaks kills innocent lives
“Sex by surprise” should not be ridiculed
Why won’t the Pentagon help WikiLeaks redact documents?
Next generation of Wikileaks

Taking issue with Wikipedia’s definition of philosophy
Blog retitled: I am a cosmopolite
We dont need free will
On freedom
Definition of a Romantic Date.

The Calculous of Abrahamic Religions
Why boys pay more?
Taking issues with illegal street vendors

Japan will be OK, Save Your Sympathies for Other Causes
Love Market Strategy Framework
Taiwan Strait Sanity Test
Redemption of the Tiger Mother
Why i left my doctorate program
Evolving beyond genes
There are better reasons for a MBA
Message from the Previous Universe
John Hodgman’s following act.
Favorite films of 2009
Miley Cyrus + sheets = child porn?
My world view
America is the city upon the hill
Why Vote when it wont affect the outcome?
Running ahead of Globalization
Saddam Hussien and Tokyo War Crimes Tribunal
Why and why why: a review of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
フォッグ・オブ・ウォー マクナマラ 元米国防長官の告白
She says “self-interest”, I say “that great”
Sacrificial legacy of Koizumi Junichirou and Lee Teng Hui
Discover Humanity: Rationality & Instinct .1.beta
No need for green aliens: response to Charles Krauthammer<

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