On Online Identity

Christopher “moot” Poole on online identity (link):

I think anonymity is authenticity. It allows you to share in a completely unvarnished, unfiltered, raw way. I think that’s something that’s extremely valuable. In the case of content creation, it just allows you to play in ways that you may not have otherwise. We believe in content over creator.

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A well made tech-phobic propaganda

This ad, strangely is from a Thai mobile carrier.

Sure its a well done ad, for a tech-phobic propaganda. But if you know anything about me, you will know how much i hate this kind of crap. Continue reading

On Google’s proposed wireless non-neutrality proposal

If you have read Google’s policy proposal for open internet you might be wondering why is Google proposing not too enforce net neutrality on wireless broadband.

Well. My hunch is that Google fears that the trend towards eliminated unlimited data planes by wireless carriers will discourage users from clicking on Google ads.
To counter this, Google will want to subsidize the cost of using bandwidth to display ads and visiting advertiser’s site on mobile devices.
This will allow the price of wireless internet to drop.
Subsidizing certain use of the bandwidth over other is against some principle of net neutrality. Hence Google’s proposal.

If this is in fact the intention, I dont see a major problem, as long as these conditions are also met:
1. carriers manipulation of wireless bandwidth are perfectly transparent (part of googles proposal).
2. neutral wireless data plans are also made available (without artificially inflated price).
3. wired broadband remain a completely neutral alternative (part of googles proposal).

We all should know by now, that so many of the “free” stuff that we enjoy are subsidize by ads, and its ok.
without ads none of the email, search, facebook, blog and news service that we take for granted will be free.
Not just the internet, TV programs, magazine and news papers are either cheap or free because they are ad supported.