Having a party at my place on the 28th,

If you are in Taipei on the 28th, and you are a reader (evidently you are), please come join my for a drink.

Send me an email to [neouto at gmail dot com] and i will reply you with the location and contact infor.


God Bless Reddit

The billboard was erected on I-40 near Gallimore Dairy Rd in Greensboro, NC, one the day after the suppose Rapture.
A Redditor put it up there.
If you are going to believe in a 2,000 years old rumor, at least read the text it supposedly originate.

Transcendent Man, a quick review

Its a layman’s overview of Ray Kurzweil’s view of future in addition to hyping and mystifying Ray Kurzweil the man. I am a little bit disappointed in that there isn’t enough intellectual debate over Ray’s ideas and too much questioning of Ray’s motives/character and too many unqualified objection to Ray’s ideas.

Transcendent Man is still very worth watching.

Today I learn: I am a Third Culture Kid

From WIkipedia:

“A third culture kid (TCK, 3CK) or trans-culture kid is “someone who, as a child, has spent a significant period of time in one or more culture(s) other than his or her own, thus integrating elements of those cultures and their own birth culture, into a third culture.”[1] TCKs tend to have more in common with one another, regardless of nationality, than they do with non-TCKs from their passport country.[2][3] TCKs are often multilingual and highly accepting of other cultures. Although moving between countries may become an easy thing for some TCKs, after a childhood spent in other cultures, adjusting to their passport country often takes years.”

Apparently, according to a reader of The Dish, so is Obama: Continue reading

Short China?

China is highly unlikely to suffer a currency crisis like what happen to Indonesia and South Korea during the 1997-8 asian financial crisis due to their massive US treasury holding. But i am concern about their unemployment rate, its potential for social unrest and subsequent implications is very scary.