on the Ground Zero Mosque

Commentator Kellyk311 on the Ground Zero Mosque (thats not actually on ground zero).

I am disturbed, distraught, distressed and saddened over the community center for Muslims being built near ground zero.

The center itself does not bring about these feelings, but rather the intolerance and outright bigotry that has become increasingly apparent due to its being built.

I am disturbed by the level of vitriol being perpetuated by some people, distraught at the reactions of so many of my fellow citizens, distressed that building a community center for religious followers could cause such a rift among our nation, and saddened that all of this is taking place not in some country that is intolerant of religious freedoms, but in a country whose founding documents called for the exact opposite.

Two wars, countless lives lost and total collapse of our finances later, we have learned nothing from of all of this. We are giving into the very extremists that terrorized us on that early September morning by allowing ourselves to become as religiously intolerant as they were.

I feel the same.


In the U.S. 16.56% accepts execution of innocents?!

According to The Economist/YouGov poll, apparently 16.56% of the people surveyed believe that at least an innocent has been executed in the last 5 year, and still supports death penalty.

innocent persons have been executed in the U.S.

From the same survey, 62% of respondents answered in favor to the question “28. Do you favor the death penalty for serious crimes such as murder and rape?” It is possible that some of the respondents may only favor death penalty who is proven in a infallible criminal justice system. So theoretically they are not favoring the chance of killing innocents. but still… people have to understand that an infallible system is near impossible in reality. Incidentally 76% of these proponents of death penalty think death penalty is not imposed enough. Wow talk about blood thirsty.

People at the Innocence Project, are you reading this?

All of the data can be found here.

Dont BS me, please

A friend of mine insist to me, that Japanese Economy is doing better and going to take over the United States, as the next economic juggernaut.

I really dont know what he is talking about, because, Japanese economy has been producing miserably lower GDP growth than the US every year since the burst of Japan’s economic bubble in 1991-2.

Maybe, he was referring to the current economic recession. But that can’t be right because, although the American financial institution is the epicenter of the shit that we are in, their economy shrunk by 3.8% in the last quoter of 2008, Whereas the Japan’s economic contracted by 3.2% during the same time.

So I guess the jury is still out on which economy will weather the recession better. This hardly proves that Japan’s economy so somehow superior to America’s

So, what was he on? I don’t know. He was not making sense to me.

The end.

ps. moral of the story: Don’t BS me, please