Is Osama Really Dead?

From a Daily Dish reader:

Can you imagine what we’d be discussing at this very moment if bin Ladin were alive and a prisoner of the U.S military? Can you imagine how the country would start to tear itself apart over questions variously ranging from the conditions bin Ladin should be held in, where he should be held, where he should be tried, what sort of a court should try him, what rights and legel representation he should be entitled to, etc? Do you think for a second that a prisoner bin Ladin wouldn’t provide endless fodder for political demagoguery from cynics seeking advantage by appealing to our basest instincts for revenge? Do we really want the world to witness the political opportunists in our government demanding a public, televised execution (or worse)?

And then there’s this: what do we do when American citizens around the world start disappearing, kidnapped by radicals who demand bin Ladin’s release in exchange for the lives of their kidnapping victims? How many more grainy video tapes of innocent Americans being decapitated by Islamic radicals are we willing to put up with?

What actually transpired that night was a mere technicality. Osama bin Ladin had to die in that raid. It was the only possible outcome.

This is why i think it is not unreasonable to think Osama was actually captured alive for interrogation. His premature death is announced to avoid complications.

Michael Moore made a good point on the state of America where politician dont want to capture Osama alive because of the venomous partisan politicking.


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