Jon, you got it wrong.

Jon steward’s Daily Show is one of my favorite show.
I think i have watched almost every show since i discovered it.

But i was a little bit disappointed in Jon today.
In this following clip, Jon criticized Republicans goals of tax cut and deficit reduction as contradictory, where in fact they are not.

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Jon you got it wrong.

Tax and deficit can both be reduced simultaneously as long as one or both of the following happens:

1. The economy grows and expand the tax base enough that absolute tax collection increases even as tax burden as a proportion of the GDP decreases. or,
2. Government cuts spending more than they cut taxes.

Come on Jon, these are simple ideas that i am sure you or at least one of our staff is fully aware.
Dont twist your logic to attack the republicans. It will make you look like a petty demagogue.

I know that you are a “comedian”, but too bad many of us think of you as a trusty newscaster who is also funny.

Note: i wanted to end this post with a self depreciating joke, in spirit of my The Daily Show. You know something along the line of “hey its just a TV show why so serious, you are a nerd” but i cant really think of one. so i am just going to end it here.

Note2: to be fair, neither scenarios is likely to happen. No serious economist expect US economy to grow enough to off-set extending the subject tax cut. And there dont seem to be enough political will to significantly cut spending.