America is the city upon the hill

For many years, I have look to America with insatiable interest. I observe how ideas thrives, dies and evolve in the American jungle of memes. A jungle filled with fantastic demagogues, hacks, intellectuals, pundits, satirist, revolutionaries and extremist of various persuasion. I wonder why old ideas like creationism with its various evolved iteration are entrenched amount the folks. I inquisitively follows how new technology like Internet are conjured up and applied to the masses. I am often sadden by the nihilistic political opportunists and inspired by idealistic technological entrepreneurs. I have learn much from America.

I am not the only one.

The rest of the world too look keenly to the America laboratory, letting Americans test out ideas first before they imitate what worked, avoid what failed and then modify further for local consumption.

This is just one of ways that we free ride on the American. Its ok, Americans don’t mind. They have since their founding fancy themselves as the city upon the hill where example (of good and bad) are set to be followed (or not).