Next generation of Wikileaks

After Wikileaks established the viability of electronic drop box, tested the legal boundary of what is publishable and prevail against the the worlds superpower and its minions. Wikileaks is bound to inspire imitations with varying operational model, specialty or focus. Wikileaks was a major mutation in the journalism meme and these are some of its offsprings that i have notice.

Variants with geographical focus – Russia. Ruleaks recently leaked the alleged photo of Putin’s palace. – Czech – Balkan region – European Union – Indonesia
Govecn.orgwas reported to build a Chinese version of Wikileaks but the site seem to redirect to Google. Not too sure what is going on. – Quebec – France and Europe area.

Variants with issue focus – environment – environment – environment

Media organization mutation
Al Jazeera Transparency Unit – a cross breed with Al Jazeera
EZ Pass Lane – a cross breed with New York Times

Other variants – a cross breed with Bit Torrent meme. – specialized only on providing electronic drop box service to conventional media organizations. I previously speculated the possibility for Wikileaks to include such service too.
Update 2011/02/16: Anonleaks (ad hoc website)- Anonymous‘ outfit.

Of course, other than these variants of Wikileaks there are other leaks site that existed even before Wikileaks, for example, Crytome.

The emergence of these organizations have provoke the established powers (governments, corporations and elite organizations) to beef up their control of information, which will in turn push journalistic organization grow even more sophisticated, the result as we will soon see is a evolutionary arm race. This is going to be very interesting and i will continue to monitor its development.