Transcendent Man, a quick review

Its a layman’s overview of Ray Kurzweil’s view of future in addition to hyping and mystifying Ray Kurzweil the man. I am a little bit disappointed in that there isn’t enough intellectual debate over Ray’s ideas and too much questioning of Ray’s motives/character and too many unqualified objection to Ray’s ideas.

Transcendent Man is still very worth watching.


A Swedish Documentary on Wikileaks, the best one so far

Spend 1 hour to watch this documentary and you will know more than most people about Wikileaks, and why its is arguably the most important new development this year.

Below is an exclusive rough-cut of first in-depth documentary on WikiLeaks and the people behind it from swedish government funded Sveriges Television. It is only available in this form until Dec 13th (tomorrow). So watch it before you go to bed tonight. You can watch it below, but i find that the video player functions better if you watch it here.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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youtube version:

Check Wikileaks page for more.