No, supporting Wikileaks will not hurt your career

I am guessing that many of those who aspire to one day to join the ranks of elites in government or corporations are asking them self “will publicly voicing my support for Wikileaks’s causes hurt my career?” “Why would a position of power which certainly encompasses handling secrets be given to a person who supported Wikileaks’s cause?” Are you asking you self these questions?, I am that students of Columbia are.

To me thats just silly. Its like asking “will supporting free speech hurt my career?”
But let me elaborate and offer you three reasons why it wont hurt your career to support Wikileaks.

1. Everyone is a potential whistleblower
Even without what Wikileaks has achieved, every employee should be treated like a potential whistleblower, regardless of whether or not s/he has supported Wikileaks in the past. Now, thats more true than ever. The success of WIkileaks in the recent saga had demarcate the legal limites of what can be published. Thus the field is set for emulators and whistleblower to sprout, just like how Napster inspire legions P2P services. The culture of transparency will proliferate. All organization should operate as if all information could be leaked. Worrying about whistleblowers will be a thing of the past.

2. You wouldn’t want to work there anyway
An organization that decline candidates who have voice support for Wikileaks in the past is an organization that fear employees who after joining the company, befriending colleagues, seeing information in context and from the perspective of the organization, might still risk losing their job, friends and open them self to law suit or even incarceration to leak information. That is an organization doing some nasty stuff, their reign wont last long, so you wouldn’t want to work there anyway. Ask you self, would you have liked to work in Enron?

3. Its good to hire candidates who publicly supported Wikileaks
Why? Because their public support of Wikileaks in the past once known will provide a public confident boost for the company that hires them. Wouldn’t it make your more confortable to know that the CEO of the maker of baby milk your daughter is drinking once supported Wikileaks? Or, that the incoming attorney general defended Wikileaks? *cough* hire me *cough*

There you have it, stand for whats right and you will be alright. 🙂