The burden on the avocates of political violent

Using extraordinary skill and patience, he reviewed the efforts of the trade unions, the legal parliamentary opposition, the churches, the censored but still active press, and all the other constituents of “civil society” to resist or even to ameliorate the conditions imposed on the majority by a pitiless oligarchy and its iron-bound cult of racist and fundamentalist theology. He detailed the efforts of the ANC to make its case at the United Nations and other international forums and chronicled the heroism of its lawyers in defending both individual and communal rights before the rigged South African courts. To every attempt of this sort, as he demonstrated, the response had been increased repression and the confiscation of even more land, more rights, and more liberties. Having at one point laid down the gun, the ANC now had every right to take it up again.

What impressed me about this masterly speech was not so much the case itself, with which I already agreed, but the “decent respect to the opinions of mankind” that it exemplified. A decision to resort to violence was not something to be undertaken without great care—and stated in terms that were addressed to reasonable people.

– Christopher Hitchens using Paul Foot’s argument for African National Congress to resume arm struggle against white supremacist regime in South Africa to demonstrate the burden of responsibility on the avocates of political violent. Link.

Was Hitchens as diligent when he made his case for the 2003 Iraq war?
You judge.


Christopher Hitchens – my favorite humanist public intellectual is dying of cancer and i am teary for it.
He have lived a great life, venturing the world, writing and saying exactly what he believe and imprinting minds of many.
I would love to live like he has, even if i have to die in my 60s like he probably will.

He recently debated Tony Blair on the subject of religion.
First 3 parts of 9 part youtube video

and also check out, his lengthy interview with ABC on various topics.