Time sinker: a movie scene GIF blog

"We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented.” The Truman Show (1998)



Guide to living with your philosopher, a blog

Philosiology, a blog that treats philosophers as delicate yet misunderstood rare creatures that a guide is require to handle them. “Philosophers are not like normal people.” If you have had problems with them Katie the blogger/philosiologist/philosopher-whisperer is here to help. Continue reading

Conversation with History is Back


Conversation With History is back with few months backlog of videos of interview with characteristically eminent scholars and people of insight uploaded to a refurbished site. Listened to Adam Segal’s interview yesterday, it was a great overview of the US-China-India political economy landscape, from an American perspective. Should check it out. Its layperson friendly. [Youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vSAoOMgNLpQ]

Why a MIT nuclear scientist is not so worry about Japans rectors

Update 20110316: Source of the Information in this post is being accused of disinformation from pro-nuclear lobby and Josef Oehmen is misleading about who he is. Source of the accusation. I am just going to go to IAEA site for updates from now on.


Below is a small portion of Josef Oehmen‘s opinion on the state of Japanese nuclear reactors, according to this source. (日本語版). Please go MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub for continuous update on the situation. Continue reading