Guide to living with your philosopher, a blog

Philosiology, a blog that treats philosophers as delicate yet misunderstood rare creatures that a guide is require to handle them. “Philosophers are not like normal people.” If you have had problems with them Katie the blogger/philosiologist/philosopher-whisperer is here to help.While this blog is nominally written to help people navigate their interaction with philosophers, it is also a pleasant treat for philosophers themselves. Reading makes your smile and think if only everyone around you can be so understanding.

A passage on philosopher’s incessant questioning:

“When philosophers take someone seriously (aka they think you are great), they will question you; in fact, they will fire questions at you until you go crazy.

This is a good thing! This means that you have impressed your philosopher enough that they want to engage you. Remembering this will help you when the questioning gets aggravating.”

note to friends: i am not aggressive nor annoying, i am merely assertive and engaging!


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