Cocktail Receipt: Neotini

Gin, Umeshu and Shiso Shochu

This is my favorite cocktail.
Its look elegantly and clear with a golden tint in a martini glass.
It has an mysterious apple-ish fragrance to it.
It taste crisp, dry, and leave you wanting more.
I named it “Neotini

1 shot gin,
1.25 shot shiso shochu (紫蘇焼酎), and
.75 shot plum wine (梅酒)

Mix and chill all three ingredients in a shaker,
pour the chilled drink into a chilled martini glass, then
garnish with a plum wine plum or a shiso leaf if you like.
There you have it a “Neotini”.

The creation story:
It was my first time to this bar, 備長炭, one of the only two bars in Taipei that have an extensive range of Japanese liquors along with conventional western liquors, that i know of. Saw “Shisotini” on the drink list, immediately ordered it in enthusiastic anticipation. I was curious to see how the bar master would use it in a cocktail, because Shiso shochu is my favorite Japanese alcohol.

The drink came, took a sip, and thought the lemon was overpowering the fragrance of my beloved shiso.

I ask the bartender (probably also the owner) what exactly was in the drink?
He kindly replied: Shiso liquor, lemon juice and gin.

I then request the bartender to, for my next drink, to
replace the shiso liquor with shiso shochu, and
replace lemon with umeshu
I didn’t specify the measurements, it was up to his discretion.

he though about it then made me my favorite cocktail, the Neotini.
I now share it with you.

備長炭 can be found at: No.28 Ally 447 Guangfu South Rd, Taipei City (台北市光復南路447-28號)
There numbers are: (02)2722-8568


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