HTC Sense 3.0 Details and “fuckinperfekt” is its Friend

Among all the new features introduced, i am particularly excited about two of them: the new camera firmware and locked screens.

The new camera firmware looks much more powerful than the current version of Sense.Instant Capture, apparently constantly “pre-captures” images, so when the users finally press the shutter it will feel as if the image is instantly captured with super fast shutter speed, clever.

Here is a video demonstrating the shutter speed.

The locked screen now features shortcuts and widgets, sweet.
The funny thing is on picture that demonstrate social status update widget, apparently, the guys name is “fuckinperfekt” as in “fucking perfect”? Wow, showing some confidence there HTC, not content with just being “Quietly Brilliant“, are we now?


Looks like i will be getting at least one of the two improvements i asked for.


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