On Source Code

I really like Source Code. But i dont have anything coherent to say, except what i like about it:

  • Its very concise, its very lean, to the point.
  • It try to show us the mental projection of the person in some state of paralysis (coma?) you are communicating via electronics. A technology, that might be possible in the future. I can imagine Einsteins of the future are kept conscious to continue their endeavor like that, until they decide they want to completely end their existence. And imagine the ethical landmine with this kind of idea.
  • Its attempt to argue about the nature of reality.
  • and of course its play on traditional philosophical questions such as the definition of a person, and the value of a person against many.

About the ending (spoilers)
I would have prefer that the movie ended at the freeze, because to have that version of reality go on, it had to exist some where. Where could that be? Shawn’s 8 minute only exist as codes in computer and only have 8 minutes. Stevens could have continued that reality in his brain, but his is dead as soon as Goodwin pulls the plug, so thats no possible. The only possibility is that Goodwin only pull the plug that connects him to the source code but not his life support system so that he continue to live that reality in his consciousness. However there is not suggestion in the film that Goodwin would do so.

Source Code (2011) ★★★☆


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