Most understandable explanation of Parallel Universe, apparently

From NPR:

Our universe might be really, really big — but finite. Or it might be infinitely big. 

Both cases, says physicist Brian Greene, are possibilities, but if the latter is true, so is another posit: There are only so many ways matter can arrange itself within that infinite universe. Eventually, matter has to repeat itself and arrange itself in similar ways. So if the universe is infinitely large, it is also home to infinite parallel universes.

Does that sound confusing? Try this:

Think of the universe like a deck of cards.

“Now, if you shuffle that deck, there’s just so many orderings that can happen,” Greene says. “If you shuffle that deck enough times, the orders will have to repeat. Similarly, with an infinite universe and only a finite number of complexions of matter, the way in which matter arranges itself has to repeat.”

In another show Brain Greene argues that if this view is correct, it is evitable that there are other versions of ourselves out there in the infinite universe reading this blog post.

Hmm, i like this analogy, but i am not completely happy with it (probably because i know so little about physics). If matter is analogous to cards, then shouldn’t an infinite universe be analogues to infinite decks of cards, instead of infinite shuffles? if the answer is yes, then what is cosmic analogy to the force that is causing decks to shuffle? Could it be that decks dont shuffle and we just get an infinite decks of cards with very limited sets of arrangements, which in cosmic terms could mean infinite boring empty space?


One thought on “Most understandable explanation of Parallel Universe, apparently

  1. It’s a great passage, Makes it more understandable then a lot, but the grammar makes me not want to read it.

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