US Congress must endorse No-Fly Zone over Libya

The UN Security Council (SC) has pass resolution calling for “all necessary measures” to prevent attacks on Libyan civilians by the Gaddafi regime, including the maintaining of no-fly zone over libya, while prohibiting the use of ground force occupation. With Arab League’s endorsement of the resolution, the US and the World have as much international legitimacy as a statesperson can ask for. Now there is only one problem left,US presidents cannot initiate a war, which is what a no-fly zone would entail, without congressional approval, unless there is an actual imminent danger to the United States, which there isn’t. From this point there are a number of possible scenarios going forward:

  1. Congress endorse the SC resolution and the US goes to war. AKA. best possible senario for Barack OBama.
  2. Congress rejects SC resolution (US public support for the war is not solid) and the US dont go to war, then US foreign policy credibility will suffer a huge setback. Consider the amount of political capital spent by member of Arab League and members of SC to pass such resolution. Next time a US President ask for a member to vote on an unpopular resolution, that member will doubt US’s ability to delivery.
  3. Obama execute the no-fly zone without Congress endorsement. This is will be illegal and cause nothing short of a constitutional crisis for the US. Obama can possibly be impeached/prosecuted for this.
  4. Congress rejects SC resolution, Obama supports its allies without directly engage in war efforts, and when necessary use covert military operation against Libya. While still unconstitutional, but is slight more defensible than the third option. I would say this is probably the best route to go, if Obama cant secure Congressional support.

In conclusion, endorse the damn resolution US Congress.


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