A well made tech-phobic propaganda

This ad, strangely is from a Thai mobile carrier.

Sure its a well done ad, for a tech-phobic propaganda. But if you know anything about me, you will know how much i hate this kind of crap.

Its so preachy. Telling people to interact socially via face-to-face rather than over the internet. The ad reflects people innate and irrational fear of change, which in this case is changing form of human interaction. It shows you anecdotes of what you are missing when you are on the internet. but it doesn’t show you what you are missing if not FOR the internet. This is of course irrational, and not something a mobile carrier should be saying.

The internet offers us so much information AND social connectivity. Without it people will be much lonelier and will have to only choice friend from those near by. The internet, mobile or not is the most wonderful invention of our time, dont trash it. Dont be a tech-phobic.

/end my self-righteous rant.

PS. Why is a mobile carrier broadcasting this ad baffles me. Are they trying to calm people fear of technology, by showing that they understand? Or simply being demagogue to gain favors with the public over competitors? Whatever it is, stop it.


2 thoughts on “A well made tech-phobic propaganda

  1. 這則廣告泰文翻譯是”不要因為十指間的精彩,忘記了身邊真正的風景”。這樣的翻譯來的比”放下手機,找回最真實的感動”來的確實貼切。但所訴求的絕對與”tech-phobic propaganda”無關!無關!

    Still, it is just a impressive ad for me.

    • well, that might be what the original intent of the commercial, but if people are understanding it as ”放下手機,找回最真實的感動”, which they are, its bad.

      Its an impressive ad, but it sends the wrong message.

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