Taiwan Strait Sanity Test

I have in the past use the following test to determine if a person is rational about the best interest of Taiwanese people. It goes something like this.

Would you accept the following packaged deal?

  1. Change the name of the country to Chinese Taiwan or one that is acceptable to Chinese Communist Party (CCP).
  2. Change flag to the one on the top-right or one that is acceptable to CCP.
  3. Recognized the Head of State of Peoples Republic of China(PRC) as the Head of State of the reformed Taiwan. Head of State is only symbolic, very much like the monarch in Japan, only less because no financial due is pay by Taiwan.
  4. Taiwan operates exactly the same as now, with the President changing its title to Provincial President. Taiwan will keep its own currency, military, democracy, everything with minimal cosmetic changes.
  5. Taiwan will be accepted in the UN as an observer with full power a member-states.
  6. Taiwan keeps full right to exercise its foreign and military policy without interference from China. Chinese will still need a VISA to enter Taiwan if Taiwan’s democratically elected government says so. PRC will still need to respect Taiwan’s territory (air, sea and land).
  7. PRC will renounce all military action against Taiwan, and move all military asset (missiles pointing at Taiwan etc) poised against Taiwan.

Yes or No?


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