Love Market Strategy Framework

I was once asked by a friend “is there a strategy for getting a girl friend?” and “yes” i responded “there is a strategy for everything”. And now i am putting my answer to him on the web for all boys and girls (the same strategy work for girls too, just switch the sexes below).
These are the analytical steps:

Market Segmentation
1. Divide the relevant female market into different segments, using attributes (intelligent, outgoing, good looking, etc), demographic (age, etc) and other relevant properties.
2. Then identity who are your acceptable type of girls (henceforth: ATG)
Of course the properties used to segment the market have to be relevant to the type of girls you like. What i mean by this is, if you like girls who are smart, then dont use age group as a main segmentation property, or only use it for more detail sub-segmentation after grouping “smart” together.

Market Positioning
3. identify the type of boys who your ATG consider to be acceptable type of boys (ATB). You can do this by profiling the ATGs. And thinking about the taxonomy of boys in girl’s conscious, male characters in popular culture (TV, movie, novel) and other boys you know are useful references.

4. pick a viable ATB, while considering the following:

  • Avoid pick a ATB where there is an unfavorable economics (oversupply of ATB and undersupply of ATG), specially when you dont have a competitive advantage in the main properties that are characteristic of that ATB. An example of unfavorable ATB is, cute and nice girls likes caring boys, and the respective supply of these two types are 2:7. Then dont go for cute and nice girls when you cant be more caring then other caring boys.
  • Pick an ATB that is as similar to your true-self as possible. The reason is simple, if you trying to be an ATB that is very different from you, you are going to look like a phony, and nobody likes a phony boy friend, (or friend in general).

5. If there is no viable ATB for you either because all types have unfavorable economics or there are no ATB that is sufficiently similar to you. then you need to go back to step 2 and broaden your ATG. For example, give up on the beautiful news anchor, and just go a beautiful girl, or a no-so-beautiful anchor. Alternatively, if there is a viable ATB go to step 6.

6. Having identified a viable ATB, and the ATGs that the ATB can attract. You now have to go to places or endgage in activities where those ATGs are more likely to appear.

7. You need to start projecting that particular ATB. What i mean by that is you need to emphasis everything about you that are consistant to your chosen ATB. Where some of your properties that are inconsistant with your chosen ATB, either try to de-emphasis them, or try your best to change your true-self to match your chosen ATB. By everything i mean, everything, looks, speech, social activity, demeanor, behaviors, non-verbal language and if possible mentality, everything. And of course, your ATB projection should extent, the way you ask a girl out (or not), what you do on a date, when you tell her you like her (or not), all have to be consistant with your ATB. Like i said, everything.

Thats it. If you analyse correctly, and behave accordingly, you will soon get a girl that is roughly equivalent to you in love market value. Good luck.

ps. I will one day do a flow chart of this, unless someone want to volunteer his or her service. For, J.


2 thoughts on “Love Market Strategy Framework

  1. Dear Cosmopolite:
    Will these analytical steps work? This might work for girls more than man. And I believe to think “You are your ATB; ATG type.” it might be more effective than 3 (market positioning). It’s always easier to analyse urself than others.

    • it will work to get people a girl/boy friend that is roughly equivalent in love market value.
      its not a strategy for a regular folk to get Beyonce or Richie Rich in bed.

      Step 5 is design for you to evaluate your love market worth and adjust your target ATG/B accordingly.

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