Modernized interpretation of reincarnation

From a Redditor:

[T]he components the make up “you” are broken down upon death and reused in other life forms.. thus causing parts of “you” to become worms, birds, snakes, etc. Thus rebirth.

…Buddhist doctrine of “anatta” which means “no-self” it states that there is/was never a single solitatary “YOU” that exists. It states that you are rather a multitude of things come together for a brief moment of time. A collection of things that decides to call itself “ME” and creates the illusion of the ego.

Under this understanding, “you” are a collection of billions of cells, or more precisely, trillions of chemicals, and even more precisely, quintillions of atoms….

So context is important here, “You” as in your identity, who you identify as.. dies permanently, because it was just an illusion, however your true nature (a massively complex configuration of the universe) does not die and instead takes upon new forms.

I like this view very much. Its very rational, enlighten and romantic to me, even if others may think of my impression as oxymoronic.


One thought on “Modernized interpretation of reincarnation

  1. I love it! Like I say, of course I believe in reincarnation, I bear witness to it every day in my compost pile, What’s NOT to believe! A-men!! LOL! ;-D
    We’re like waves in an ocean, making new waves that eventually crash on the beach every day, individually, but ultimately part of the ocean.

    I like to think we’re all pieces of the divine and not just created objects of a subject, but actually a part of that whole divine force which is what we see as reality and more than we’ll ever know. You know, like we are cells on a body, the Earth body in our reality. Space and Stillness are illusionary and realistically we are just as that, parts of a whole, floating in the soup of life. Again, what’s not to believe?

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