Can urban agriculture revolutionize politics?

I love the idea of urban agriculture.
Imagine cities that can self sustain its food consumption.
The most immediate benefits would be reduce cost of food transportation (thus co2 emission) and fresher foods.
The long term benefits would be to reduce the amount of land needed to sustain human life thus giving more land back to the nature.
What is less obvious is that, people who now farms in rural area will be urbanised, which can potentially lead significant political consequence.

Let me explain. Anyone who knows anything about American politics knows that there is a very strong correlation between ones political leaning and whether you live in urban area or rural area. Even if geography isn’t a direct cause of difference in views, bring rural and urban population together may help the constituents of liberals and conservatives understand and empathize with each other, consequently reduce tribalistic partisanship.

Domestication of farm animals should still be done away from population centers, because proximity would increase the likelihood of animal virus passing on to humans and making outbreaks more difficult to contain.

I think this is a perfect project for Taiwanese government.
For the following reason
1. They are always looking for projects thats good for public relations, and the people likes it too. Case in point, 101. A world first vertical farm would do wonders for Taiwans public relation.
2. All of the technology for this project either exist already or are within reach of modest effort, all thats needed is will (see point 1) and cash (Taiwans got plenty).
… at this point of writing i realized the second vertical tower design in the second video is being prepare for taiwan.


2 thoughts on “Can urban agriculture revolutionize politics?

  1. The possible cultural mingling is a very good insight. I also think about the re-connection between consumption and production.

    • Welcome to my little blog.
      Additionally, as soon as urban agriculture is proven to be viable, real estate price in metro areas will skyrocket while rural land price and fuel price will plummet and in effect at as a soft cap to urban agriculture.

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