Glenn Beck explains Julian Assange’s Rape Case

Glenn Beck gave the more comprehensive analysis on the rape charge against Julian Assange (shockingly).
His conclusion: Julian Assange is a dirtbag, but not a rapist

His description of what happened is 100% consistant from what i have read from multiple other sources.

Apparently Sweden have very progressive rape laws. Julian Assange was in fact charge with one of those progressive laws, namely “sex by surprise”. According to Slate “sex by surprise” is highly unlikely to constitute a rape crime in the United States.

more information about one of the girls who is accusing Assange of rape.

anyway, Assange and even Wikileaks are just symptoms of whats more to come. In the age of internet and globalization, power is more decentralized than ever, Wikileaks (and sadly Al Queda) are examples of new found power of people against establishment. Even if they somehow succeed in taking down Assange and Wikileaks, they will just be replace by others. So stop trying.

p.s. The Tea Partiers need to start speaking out against the attack on Assange and Wikileaks, if the truly believen in what they preach.


2 thoughts on “Glenn Beck explains Julian Assange’s Rape Case

  1. In most cases raping emerges when one Libido increases sporadically without control mechanism. This can be solved by every individual having his/her life partner. From morgan Dickson, A 3ooL Sociology student of KSU Anyigba, Nigeria.

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