Defending Wikileaks: Assange is an anti-American operative

Criticism: Assange and Wikileaks is anti-American.

They have been many American leaks and mojar American leaks grab a lot of attention in the english speaking world. Thus it is easy to feel as if Wikileaks only targets Americans, even if that is completely false. A simple check on Wikileaks’s wikipedia page will tell you, leaks have come from all over the world.
Here are just a few none US government leaks
-Apparent Somali assassination order
-Daniel arap Moi family corruption
-Bank Julius Baer lawsuit
-Scientology bibles
-BNP membership list
-Climategate emails
-Australian Internet censorship lists
-Bilderberg Group meeting reports
-2008 Peru oil scandal
-Nuclear accident in Iran
-Toxic dumping in Africa: The Minton report
-Kaupthing Bank
-British Joint Services Protocol 440

It is inevitable that liberal democracy with many liberal minded people and vast electronic databases are vert susceptible to whistleblowers. This is not a weakness of democracies, this openness is their strength.


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