A Wikileaks information site

Apparently a bunch of supporters who is not affiliated with either Wikileaks or any government agency get up a Wikileaks information site name WL Central with the following stated aims:

(a) To provide a one-stop resource for WikiLeaks-related information, current and historical.
(b) To build a community site for WikiLeaks supporters.
(c) To counteract the many rumours and plain false information disseminated about WikiLeaks.

They have written 4 well researched article debunking propaganda against Wikileaks

I had a quick skim through, they look really well written and researched.

Check them out.


7 thoughts on “A Wikileaks information site

  1. Hi!

    Thanks for the response. I confess I’ve been too busy and slow this holiday season, so I haven’t listened to the clip yet, but plan on it tomorrow. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your site and your knowledge. I really would like some good mentors in issues of politics and foreign policy. I am seriously pro-Wikileaks and am thrilled with all the support that exploded over the world. I’m especially impressed with all the esteemed intellectuals who have really put a powerful punch into the great points made in favor of all that WL stands for. I hope I can learn a good deal from people like yourself. Thank you and Happy New Year!!

  2. Judi

    Wow, thanks.
    you know this blog being the furtherest thing from a popular blog with lively feedback, i am hearten by your comment. I am also humbled, because i know that there are many other superior political sites out there. After the new years party madness, i will find time to share some of those sites with you.

    happy new year.


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