Defending Wikileaks: Its a slippery slope

Criticism: Its a slippery slope. What if one day an individual at Google decide to leak all the information Google has collected about everyone of its users and Wikileaks decides to publish it.

or for a more science fiction for version:

In the not-too-distant future, our relations to computers/the internet have grown more intimate. Our machines respond directly to our thoughts, courtesy of implants. Now: it’s very dangerous to be driving your computerized car and have it respond like lightning to every stray death wish that flits across your mental monitor. So our mind-machine links, in this future world, are insulated and buffered in prudent ways. But: Google (or whoever) has figured out that internet searching goes much better if the machine can read you raw at every level and log all that stuff. People go along with it. Of course, privacy is assured. But: Julian Assange (Assange’s envatted brain, or whoever) stages a massive, Wikileaks-style intelligence release: Psycheleaks. Everyone get up one morning and finds, to their horror, that in the night have sprung up public ‘Psykis’, consisting of everyone’s logged-and-now-leaked thoughts – down to every last little Underground Man-style private fantasy. And the New York Times, the Guardian, and Der Spiegel got to read the dreams earlier than everyone else, etc. Everyone pretty much knew what this stuff would be like, in broad outline. But it’s still embarrassing. And now no one can live without their implants. But Assange has cult followers everywhere, fanatically devoted to transparency …

Wikieaks is completely rely on the public for volunteers and donation, publishing anything contrary to their stated goal of “bring important news and information to the public.” or does anything unpopular will lead to lost of credibility and eventual demise. It is unimaginable that any consequential member of Wikileaks in their right mind will avocate publishing personal information of non-public figures, no matter how slippery the slope. Thats pretty much it. Slippery slope argument against Wikileaks is just weak.


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