Message from the Previous Universe

Big Crunch During the Q&A session of his talk on how the internet will save the human civilization, David Eagleman, a polymath, told the audience an intriguing premise for his next novel. His premise is base on the cyclical model of the universe, which suggest that we are in an expanding universe that will eventually be pull back by gravitational force and collapse into a singularity (aka big crunch). At the state of singularity, there will be enough energy to cause the next big bang and crease a subsequent universe, leading to an infinite series of finite universes (watch Eagleman talk about his premise here, starting from 1:36:20).

Assuming this theory is correct then that means it is possible for civilizations unimaginably ahead of ours to exist in the previous universe. what if, that civilization wanted to send a message to the next universe. How would they do it? what message would they send? and how will us be able to read it?

Wow, what an intriguing thought experiment. I took on the challenge, immediately. How would they send us the message? The previous civilization has to be very powerful. They are able to freely manipulate the universe within the confine of the fundamental force (they would have unified what we know as strong, weak, gravity and electromagnetic forces). It is likely that they have also received and decipher messages from their own preceding universe. They understand that the singularity that initiated the next big bang is their only connection to our universe. so their message has to persist through both their big crunch and our big bang until there is a civilization sophisticated enough to decipher it. Arm with their power and intellect, they configured all the matter in their universe so when it collapse it will create a designed singularity of near infinite complexity. This singularity, will explode to form stars and planet according to their design. So that one day our civilization will look up the sky and understand their message to us. Yes thats right, our night sky are the answer to our search for advanced extraterrestrial beings. In their design, there are numerous planet spread across the cosmos that is capable of conceiving and sustain live to increase the likelihood of advanced civilization. For it is extremely difficult to determine when (if it does) will life (replicators) emerge from the primordial soup of planets, and whether it will evolve into technologically advanced civilization (as advancement in the technological sense is not determined). The message will therefore have to be readable from any corner in the cosmos, at anytime during the life span of the universe. One conceivable way to achieve this is for the message to be encompass not only all the stars, planet but also time. It will indeed be a 4 dimensional message only decipherable when we map out the locations of all the stars and planet from the big bang and big crunch, from this information we will infer the message from the previous universe.

What message would they send? To contemplate this question, we much start with what we can safely assume about them, which is they are survivors and want to continue to survive, even beyond the existence of their own universe. They have to be, for without the survival instinct they wont survive to develop advance technology to send us the message in the first place. So we can be sure that part of the message will be their request for and the information required to recreate them. To make sure that we are not hesitant to recreate them, due to fear of alien life, they will convince us that they are of peaceful nature and has no intention to cause harm. They will further entice us with offer of the most advance knowledge and technology accumulated from their universe and very possibly many before. This technology will allow us to manipulate the universe as we see fit. We will be able to send our message along with their so that we too can be recreated in the next universe. They, of course, are fully aware of our prevalent survival instinct. Although suspicious of their intentions, we will nevertheless accept their request and enact on it hastily. Why? Because we are afraid, not of them but the possibility that other intelligent civilization may also have decode the message and planing to transform our habitat into message of others. This has been their plan all along to not rely on a few but many civilization. They know all too well the threat of extinction by others will compel even the most suspicious, for survival is the greatest incentive of all.


8 thoughts on “Message from the Previous Universe

  1. wow~ cool

    …It will indeed be a 4 dimensional message only decipherable when we map out the locations of all the stars and planet from the big bang and big crunch…

    Since we have passed a long period of time from the big bang, in order to reconstruct the locations of the stars and planet in past time, we need to find out the trajectories of all stars (solving a very large system of equations). We may need a extremely powerful computer or a extremely intelligent guy (like Kepler) to help us.

  2. Of course I love this one. The inference is reasonable. Very impressive.

    I am a little bit confused by the term “previous universe” because I thought you are talking about the message passing from the future to the past. I realize that you assume the “time” does collapse. So you called it “previous universe”.

    Anyway, I really admire you for your imagination. Nice job.

  3. After every big crunch a big bang will expand the universe again.
    so by previous universe i mean, the version of universe thats before the big bang.

    Does it make sense?

  4. As I know, space-time will collapse to a dimensionless singularity after big crunch. Time is not exist at singularity. However, if we can get messages from “other” universe, then the universe can be the “previous” universe.

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