Taking issues with illegal street vendors

Taking issues with illegal street vendors (or 路邊攤 in Mandarin).

Illegal street vendors (ISV henceforth ) are connivence to those who purchase from them, I my self have done so from time to time. so whats the problem? Well, ISV sales to customers who would otherwise have bought from legitimate businesses, thus reducing legitimate job opportunity and taxable revenue. as such they are in reality free riding irritant to legitimate businesses.

But, they are already illegal, aren’t they?

but apparently the enfacements are not effective enough to rid our streets of ISVs. I still see them in busy streets chocking up side walks with cardboard displaying stands and browsing customers. I had a friend who was in the ISV business down at Kaohsiung City. All they had to do to keep the police from expelling them is to pay a regular fine. The cost of the fine is split between several ISVs. These fines are not costly enough for ISVs to evacuate them self, hence the permanent presence of ISVs in many busy alleys.

I would prefer that instead of a fine, the Police could seize ISVs inventory to sell off in public auctions. This approach not only offers a proportional punishment, and could potentially help legitimate business, since they will be the likely bidder. In the case of food ISVs, cooking stands can be confiscated and auction off in the same manner. Reduced supply of ISVs should increase the demand for the goods and services of legitimate businesses who well be in the position to hire recently out-of-business ISV operators. Taxable revenue will expand, streets will clear up, people will buy from more accountable businesses and everybody is happy.


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