Toy Stories

toy story 3 poster

I have seen all three Toy Story. All three are critically very well received. Both the first and second film received 100% positive rating according to Rotten Tomato while the third installment got 99%. I, however could never find the story compelling, due to my lack of empathy for the characters. i mean, its hard to get a feel of what is a stake, when its about toys not getting played. so what. i suppose that is the most difficult thing about toy story trilogy, to building emotional connection between toys and audience.


Having said that the last scene in toy story 3 was brilliant. After been told repeatedly through out the trilogy how much Andy treasure his toys and how much Buzz, Woody and the crew likes being played, it was truly moving when they mutually decides to part. This scene capitalized on the all the emotion between Andy and the toys invested through out the trilogy. The audience (and I) are compelled by the scene because we are seeing Andy coming to terms with adulthood for the first time, an experience all adults have endured.

Toy Story 3 ★★★★


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