Obama’s executive power stretch and vulnerability

Vodpod videos no longer available.

If Obama is doing this (this being unconstitutionally authoritative) to please the Republicans, its not going to work, they stil think Obama is a radical leftist. so stop.

If Obama is doing this because America is in a dire security situation and these measures are necessary, then tell us how bad it is and let us judge. or stop doing it.

If Obama dont change these policies, he will be vulnerable to an outsider emerging as the fresh face of Republican Party to challenge Obama on both economic and personal liberty. One may think that such an outsider will have no chance of winning in the Republican primary. Consider this, If the Republican establishment and religious right was desperate enough to endorse John McCain in 2008, they will do it again in 2012. Only this time, instead of the old McCain they will support a youthful and charismatic outsider.


More from Glenn Greenwald.


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