HTC Desire: the good and the bad.

Just bought an HTC Desire and these are what i think are good and bad about it.
I am comparing my experience with Desire against my over 1 year of iPod Touch use.
My conclusion is Desire is probably the best phone i can buy right now.

The Good
-Open source – which means Steven Jobs is not going dictate how you use the phone.
-much better control over just about every aspect of the phone (connectivity, GPS on/off, etc).
-Better customization options
-Allow easy access to your phone’s storage via you computer.
-Unified notification under one bar.
-Better App install process – it acually tells you what area will the app have control over.
-Faster Wifi
-better automatic typo correction
-Faster web browser
-Support Flash
-Better Google service integration – means much better Google apps
-Better setup at initial use.
-Physical keys means more screen space for content.
-Widgets that let you do lot of things leaving a home screen.
-Good HTC customer service.
-Small in size when compare to iPhone
-Bigger screen.
-Home screen leaping.

The bad.
-Not ergonomic when typing under landscape mode (asymmetric along the horizontal axis)
-Poor multi-linguol input support.
-Except for Google Apps, almost all Android feels inferior to iPhone
-inferior cut and paste function
-No obvious ways to shut off apps
-Moving typing target not as good.

In conclusion, Desire still need some minor adjustments, but overall its probably the best phone for me.


8 thoughts on “HTC Desire: the good and the bad.

  1. I bought one too and I love it. Very powerful phone. But currently it is doing my head in because I cannot cut and paste from my gmail to my Google calendar. Hello!! This is retarded. I want to go all Android gmail and Google apps. But this little bug is my only complaint. Can someone please write a step by step guide for the workaround I found on another site

  2. graeme,

    i love mine too.

    about cutting and pasting from gmail. it is to my knowledge that cant be done. i guess we will have to wait for future software update to give us that “luxury”

  3. hey guys i was wondering weather you think the htc desire is a good phone better than the iphone 4

  4. reece,

    Desire is a better phone in areas where it matters to “geeks” but i think its save to say that for most people iphone would be a better choice.

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