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Those of you who reads Chinese, check out Ansels’ blog its full of interest short stories to read.

I find this one though provoking:



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10 thoughts on “Ansels’ Blog

  1. I can’t read chinese but judging from familiar characters, something to do with possible future conflict between asian nations? Key words I picked up was China, nuke, India, remilitarisation of Japan, JSDF going to Korea, Many nations, Many reasons, 炭疽熱←anthrax?, something about global population as well (1/5?).
    So anyway, what is this about?

  2. Come on, I tried my best lol I’m not making you do it but I am hoping that you might. If you could… I’ll shout you a glass of crushed lime&ice, cointreau mixed with tonic water (if I remember correctly…) next time you come to Tokyo.

  3. ok i will try to find the time around to do it.

    and yes you remember correctly.

    I will discover a even better drink tho.

    i will publish the recipe once i come up with a cool name for it.

  4. @Ansel. Thanks, I’m glad to know that my guess wasn’t too far off. I am always hungry for provocative topics so Neo’s comment has raised my curiousity.

  5. Manabu, thank you. However, my English is too poor to write it quickly. Please forgive me the late update and my very late translation~~ @@

    • Ansel, please take as long as you’d like. Afte all, you are doing me a favor so I am in no position to complain ^^.

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