Confront them, not Silence them.

when a government official’s repeated errors have left thousands of their fellow citizens dead or grievously wounded, along with hundreds of thousands of other human beings, it would be more seemly for them to remain silent, in mute acknowledgement of their own mistakes.

Stephen M. Walt, an Harvard International relations Prof wrote on his blog.

To suggests that people who made grave mistakes in public office should get off the airwaves completely puzzles me. I mean shouldn’t it make more sense for them to defend their policies or to explain why they enact those policies in good faith but was ultimately a mistake, by confronting them on public record. This will help the public learn and official humble. shutting them up serves no ones interest but sooth the vengeful few.

I have argued essentially the same point before when they executed Saddam Hussein. Executing war criminals (which shuts them up permanently) is no way to learn from history, an only cause more trouble down the road.


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