Are we going to cap company size?

Is Nassim Nicholas Taleb suggesting we should cap company size? or am i reading him wrong?

Taleb in an Financial Time opinion piece title “Ten principles for a Black Swan-proof world” wrote

1. What is fragile should break early while it is still small. Nothing should ever become too big to fail. Evolution in economic life helps those with the maximum amount of hidden risks – and hence the most fragile – become the biggest.

Since hidden risks are by nature unidentifiable, fragility of growing companies cannot be known. Without being able to grade fragility, the government should should just break up all companies above a certain size?

Or is he suggesting that the government can evaluate hidden risks that the market cannot identify (or response to) and break up companies before their size and risks become too threatening? if this is what he meant then, what are these kind of hidden risks that governments are better at finding?


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