Dont BS me, please

A friend of mine insist to me, that Japanese Economy is doing better and going to take over the United States, as the next economic juggernaut.

I really dont know what he is talking about, because, Japanese economy has been producing miserably lower GDP growth than the US every year since the burst of Japan’s economic bubble in 1991-2.

Maybe, he was referring to the current economic recession. But that can’t be right because, although the American financial institution is the epicenter of the shit that we are in, their economy shrunk by 3.8% in the last quoter of 2008, Whereas the Japan’s economic contracted by 3.2% during the same time.

So I guess the jury is still out on which economy will weather the recession better. This hardly proves that Japan’s economy so somehow superior to America’s

So, what was he on? I don’t know. He was not making sense to me.

The end.

ps. moral of the story: Don’t BS me, please


2 thoughts on “Dont BS me, please

  1. funny coincidence recently i also have a friend who somehow brag about how miserable he is as a worker in his company because HE WORKS OVER TIME ALL THE TIME. somehow he missed the point of DONT ASK WHAT THE COMPANY CAN DO FOR U BUT ASK WHAT U CAN DO FOR THE COMPANY. a company is stuctured upon the goal to serve the society or world in the process of making profit. a company cant adjust its policy its working hour its final goal to suit every employee because it would lose its direction. sacrifices has to be made unforseen hours needs to be filled in for greater purpose and thus in return take care of its fellow worker like him..little did he know during this recession he himself could have been sacked easily whenever someone with similiar ability shows up in the corner. question is isnt the company sacrificing the same amount of budget and time on rookies like him and pray that one day he would truely generate maybe half the expected revenue or work load ?? has he come to the position to criticise his superior a question i doubt that he has ever asked himself.

    and mark my word ONLY A TRUE FRIEND WOULD OPENLY GO AGAINST SOMEONES OPINION AND STATE HIS POINT and its simply becuase friendship shuldnt just base on few dinner , few beer but tolerance of diffrent opinion..yah

    (besides no one says the japanese is taking control i said the japanese are influencing the world on a sharp increase of percentage.. what ? u tripping?)

    so i would really suggest that friend of mine to stop demanding for proofs and digits in the middle of chit-chat but concentrate on the core meaning of COMMUNICATION u feel me?

    a smart person is one man island without a dumb persons company but a smart person is dumb when he thinks everyonelse is . agree?

    i rest my case

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