A silly rationale to why Kindle sucks

On why not to buy a Kindle

Suppose you bring one book along with you on a trip. Suppose you start it and it’s not really doing much for you — you’re having trouble getting into the mood of it, the swing of it. If you have it on a Kindle, you’re almost certain to give up and turn to one of the dozens of other books you have available. But if it’s the only book you’ve got, you’re more likely to stick with it. And if it’s a good book — if it’s a book that holds real pleasure or instruction for the persistent and non-distracted reader — then later on you’ll be glad that you read it. You’ll be glad that you didn’t have something else to read on that trip. You’ll be glad that you had a book instead of a Kindle.

(hat tip: Andrew Sullivan)

I hate this kind of arguments. If i just have a book, and i find it to be boring, i will just go watch TV or go to the bar. If i have a kindle, i would find something else to read.


( <% of me adding a fat traditional book to my limited traveling luggage space budget> * <% of benefit from a book> * <% of a book that i thought is interesting enough to be the only book i bring to a vocation and later find out it has a lousy first chapter> * <% of nothing else to do besides reading>) – <benefit of reading an alternative book i would have read if i had a Kindle>   = X

I highly doubt that the value of X will be positive…

did i mention that i hate this kind of in-an-extremely-rare-occasion-[enter a subject]-would suck-therefore-[enter a subject]- sucks-argument?


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