Reexamining myself

Between quiting my doctoral candidacy 2 years ago and now, there have been lots of soul searching. I need a new theme for my life. Today, I was just thinking how i am now different to my 2003 year self when i last took the Jung Typology test.

When i was 23, i was:

  • i apply rational decision making process to almost everything i do,
  • a successful masters student at the university of queensland and on my way to PhD
  • i had a clear career path,
  • highly goal orientated, i had a concrete 5 year plan, and life plan
  • and i strategically manage my career
  • i wanted to be an university professor
  • i had lots of friends,
  • very analytical, i would systematically analyze my relations with friends and girl friend.
  • i had many rigid principles that i commit my self too.
  • i dislike uncertainty
  • i try to be liked by everyone i meet
  • i was ambitious
  • using Keirsey’s typology categorizations i was clearly an ENTJ

and in my Post doctoral candidate life i am:

  • Starting a new career direction, i am going into the corporation world, joining Kyocera.
  • i am trying to broaden my career path, taking on unfamiliar things
  • I am going with flow, i have an extremely and vague 2 year plan,
  • i have only one core principle that i adhere too
  • i am exited by chaos and uncertainty
  • i care less about people who do not like me.
  • i am more willing to take risk,
  • i like to thing that anything is possible,
  • using Keirsey’s typology categorizations I am now tilting towards a ENTP

Take the test and find out what type of person you are.


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