The probability of being with an ideal girl

Two nights ago, at a cafe i was with 2 girls who forcefully argue that it is highly improbable to be in a relationship with an ideal lover.

Lets consider,

According to the Jung Typology, I am an ENTP type person, and Keirsey’s typology says we only constitutes at most 2% of the entire population.

Lets say, if my ideal person is someone who has the same typology as myself, that would be 2%
but simply being an ENTP is not enough, there are other criteria that needs to be met in order for that ENTP to be my ideal lover. These criteria are:

Age, I can only accept anyone who is 5 year older or younger, if only 10% of the population fits that profile, than, only 10% of the total 2% of the entire population would fit my desired profile.
making it 0.2%

lets say half of that 0.2% are boys, too bad i only like girls, = 0.1% left
lets say half of that 0.1% is in an significant romantic relationship, = 0.05%
lets say i am not attracted to half of that 0.05%, = 0.025%
lets say a quater of that 0.025% dont find me attractive making it, = 0.01875
lets say, i need someone who is intelligent and speaks at least 2 languages, and lets assumes only 1 in 5 ENTPs meets that requirement, that would bring the figure down to, 0.00375%

Which means there is one person in every 26667 people that would fit my ideal lover profile and be willing to date me. Therefor on this island with the population of 230 million, there are only 863 people who fits that profile, Hence, i am single.

Take the test and find out if you are an ENTP person.

2 thoughts on “The probability of being with an ideal girl

  1. your over analytical behaviour could be contributing to your single status as well(no offence). i took that test when i was in high school and i don’t even remember which one i was. Although having a similarity could be an attraction, opposite do attract in some cases. Isn’t it pretty natural that people get attacted to those who are capable of doing what they are incapable of (eg. the reserved being attracted to the outgoing)? The psychometric questionnaire could help categorizing yourself and others but I do not believe it answers the core elements about the rules of attraction.
    Anyway, your “ideal” may not be ideal after all. You could analize and figure out your perfect partner but your honest oppinion after opening the package could be different. My advice(although you may not want one lol) is to tone down you filter sometimes, don’t get too caught up in your own philosophy and just give it ago. Adaptation usually follows endurance, people can and often do change according to the environment.

  2. i think what u said is correct, but not for all types of personality, some types prefer people who are similar to them,
    and i think i am one of those types
    my type are according to the profile, enjoy thinking new ideas, learning new ideas and telling people about new ideas,
    i think any 2 of this type will hit it off

    but it may not work for all types, just like what u said
    for example two person who both like to lead in relationship will not workout for obvious reasons.

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