To Greta and Melissa, stuff i like.

For basic understanding of the free will debate and definition, click here

On free will and moral responsibility (ie punishment), click here

For discussion about death penalty, click here

The good book on evolution, The Selfish Gene and how it effect our understanding on social behavior.

The book about how people mentality adjust to fit the role they are playing The Lucifer Effect and the Stanford Prison Experiment, I was talking about.

Other movie written by the guy who wrote eternal sunshine of the spotless mind and his other movies i like are: Adaptation, Confessions of a Dangerous Mind, andBeing John Malkovich.

People i said i like, Nietzsche, Jefferson, Dawkins and Dannett.

One book to make you more optimistic about the future of humanity.

The is an incomplete list of things i like.

Update: check out Helen Fisher’s presentation on the science of love


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