Being proud of a Tradition

Just starting using Facebook. After hooking with a few friends, i was not surprised to see a friend of mine belonging to the “Face It – Taiwan IS NOT Part of China” group, as a political student, naturally i took a look. and,

look what i found, a thread with the title “可悲,可悲。。。

The tread starts with this paragraph

作为在一个外国成长的中国人,看到这里的一些thread, 我真的觉得十分的悲哀。这么多人不想做中国人,不想做华夏子孙,不想继承我们华夏5000年优美的文化和传统。

read the rest

translation: Being a Chinese who grow up overseas, seeing all these threads here, really saddens me that there are so many people who do not want to be Chinese, do not want to inhere our 500o years of beautiful culture and tradition.

In my response to it i wrote

I understand what you are trying to say, and

I agree with you in that, Chinese speaking of people of PRC, ROC and else where in the world does in fact have a shared heritage, we use the same language, eat similar food and are fascinated by the romance of the three kingdom (三國演義).

should we be proud of this tradition?
sure, why not.

But i am more proud of being part of the global revolution that begun with enlightenment which eventually lead to the development of modernity, democracy, free market, globalization and liberal ideals.

These ideals are what shape my life and our society the most, and i am very thankful for it.

so, as a native son of Taiwan, i guess what i am saying is, i do recognize our share heritage with the mainland, but i think i would much rather for Taiwan to be rule by Taiwanese people. and i hope you guys over there can self rule one day instead of taking orders from the grand old communist party.

there is no need for unification, Taiwan do fine by its own as long as the communist party don’t meddle with our internal affairs and foreign policy.

i guess, its fair to say, hey, we are all Chinese, but lets have at least two state, one of it be Taiwan.

or, we are all human beings, but hey, lets have 200 states or more, and governments by and for the people.


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